First Aid Courses throughout Western Canada

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Public and Industrial Classes

Our first aid courses can be applied to a variety of industries and businesses. We also offer these classes and certifications to the general public. Call us at 780-622-4175 for more information on our training services.

  • Red Cross Emergency First Aid: This course is a one (1) day course that gives just the basic first aid as per Red Cross Standards. 
    Cost is $130.00 plus GST.

  • Red Cross Standard First Aid: This is the minimum course most companies ask for. It is a two (2) day course that covers most of the first aid a person might need within the workplace, as well as at home and in the general public.
    Cost is $175.00 plus GST.

  • Red Cross Standard First Aid Recertification: If a person's first aid certificate is still valid (not expired), they can partake in a one (1) day recertification to renew their certification for another three (3) years rather than take the two day course.
    Cost is $130.00 plus GST.

  • Red Cross Child Care First Aid: This course is done on an as-needed basis. It is a one (1) day course. 
    Cost is $110.00 plus GST.

  • AED Certification: Automated External Defibrillation is currently included in Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid classes; however, there is also a stand alone class for just AED if a person requires it. The course includes level 'C' CPR and lasts four (4) hours. 
    Cost is $75.00 plus GST.
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