Industrial Safety Courses in Western Canada

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Keeping Your Workforce Safe

The following classes can be used in a number of different businesses and industries. We encourage you to browse the course descriptions and decide which classes apply to your business. Like our first aid courses, these work-specific courses can be performed at your facility or at our classroom in Fox Creek.

  • H2S Alive (Energy Safety Canada course): This is an entry level course for dealing with hydrogen sulphide in the workplace. This course is the minimum standard for the oil and gas industry. Regular scheduled courses every 2 weeks. 
    Cost is $175.00 plus GST.

  • Oilfield Driver Awareness - a defensive driving course): This course is a requirement for any person operating a National Safety Code vehicle (over 5500kg registered weight) in BC as well as any company that has an Oilfield Service Vehicle exemption permit in Alberta. The course will also give articipants that pass the course a 3 demerit reduction on their Alberta driver license. This is a one (1) day course.
    Cost is $175.00 plus GST.

  • Oilfield Hauler Course: This one (1) day course is required for anyone operating vehicles over 15,000 kg registered weight in BC or if the company has an Oilfield Service Vehicle Exemption permit in Alberta.
    Cost is $175.00 plus GST.

  • Oilfield Swamper (entry level for oilfield): This one (1) course is meant as an entry level course for persons going to work as swampers on bed trucks or picker (boom) trucks in the oil and gas industry. It covers the main points about hazards and what is expected of the swampers in doing their job. 
    Cost is $150.00 plus GST.

  • Hours of Service (both federal and provincial regulations): This course is tailored to the requirements of the company. Either provincial OR federal hours of service will be taught. This course is offered as a course at a customer location. 
    Please call for pricing.

  • Fatigue Management Including Hours of Service: This course is a minimum of four (4) hours and can extend to eight (8) hours when needed. This course meets minimum standards of Alberta Transportation as part of the Oilfield Service Vehicle Exemption permit. This course is designed for each individual company as needed. 
    Please call for pricing.

  • Load Securement (NSC Schedule 10): This course is 1/2 to one (1) day. The course is designed to meet the needs of the company requesting the course. 
    Please call for pricing.

  • Hazard Identification and Assessment: This course is designed as an entry level course to help participants understand what hazards are, how to evaluate them and how to properly control those hazards. The course is one (1) day. 
    Cost is $200.00 plus GST.

  • Accident/Incident Investigation: This course is a one (1) day course that helps managers, supervisors and safety personnel understand how to find the root cause(s) of incidents or accidents, as well as how to preserve the scene and document all information properly. 
    Cost is $200.00 plus GST.

  • Fall Protection: This is an entry level course that covers Alberta legislation regarding fall protection, various types of equipment and the use of the equipment. The course is four (4) hours. 
    Cost is $100.00 plus GST.

  • Wheeled Loader/Skid Steer Training: This is a home study type of course that requires a person to pass a simple exam, as well as a competent person within the company to evaluate the person’s ability with the equipment the company may have, along with a check list. 
    Cost is $75.00 plus GST.

  • Home Study in TDG and WHMIS: Both of these courses meet current standards and are used by both small and large companies for training. The students proceed at their own speeds. 
    Cost is $45.00 plus GST.

  • Classroom TDG and WHMIS: We also offer classroom training in either TDG or WHMIS. The course is generally given for a specific company and is designed to follow that company's paperwork. 
    Cost of each course is $75.00 plus GST.

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